Who's Gettting the Majestic Map Pack?


Not me. I’m an achievement perfectionist and the new achievements are too annoying.

I have the map pass
So I’m getting it

Well I’m getting it because I have the Limited Edition lol.

Bought pass.

Excited for traditional FFA on them.

If it goes like last time, everyone will. For free! Then a mistake will be fixed then play it off as a two week trial. Also all us LE owners will get our pack late in the day when everybody else gets it first thing in the morning.

> Bought pass.
> Excited for traditional FFA on them.

Yeah I cant wait for FFA!

Not me.

Just ship more maps with he game. -_-

I am! I got the Limited Edition so I have the map pass. I would still get it if I didn’t though because it looks sweet, especially that map that’s like The Pit.

I have map pass so yea. The maps look sweet too. A miss TU doesn’t stop other stuff from being good

Nope. I wasted my money on Crimson, and it feels like a total waste now because of the integration of the dang maps. 343, ya’ll oughtta think before you act. I would suggest no one purchase anymore map packs until they stop with the integration of the packs into normal matchmaking, instead of the packs having individual matchmaking.

> Not me.
> Just ship more maps with he game. -_-

With the exception of halo 1, all the other games shipped with relatively the same amount of maps

I’ll probably get in a few months. Right now, I’m more interested in Banjo-Tooie :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m getting it, as I did get the LE. From what I’ve seen, they look amazing.

I’m too busy playing Happy Wars and I sorta want to buy some Armored Core V parts. I’m a sucker for mechs. But really I hope it does well for all competitives wanting smaller maps. Me I like BIG open maps, not BIG cluttered maps.

I have the LE so I’ll get it. But like many other aspects of the game I have no faith in it.

I have Limited Edition, so yes I will be getting it.

I am. Maps look really good. Hopefully they play well too.

I will be, and not just because I got the War Games pass free with my LE copy. The maps genuinely look good, and are all close quarters maps. Love close quarters game play from time to time. Looking forward to this map pack more than I was with Crimson.

Maps look nice, I have the season pass…so