Who's completed all seasons?

I’ve completed all seasons and the 20th anniversary stuff. Just missing the Avalanche skin and those H4 skins I think.

I completed them some time ago. I just pop on every week to do the Campaign challenges to get the Exchange items now.

me too. I have also completed all the seasons and want new

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Main account has everything done, but season 8 is untouched, and the last couple tiers of 5, 6 and 7 are incomplete (since I don’t need techsuits, Anvil armors, or Halo 4 skins)

I have 300 season points banked, so I can get anything if I decide I want it.

I have all the seasons and all the stuff that was in the store. I am still grinding away the xp. I want to get to Tour 10, I am about to complete level 16 tour 9 now.

I have all season and exchange content. I also got all the H20 stuff. The only skins I do not have are H3 and H4 ranked skins.

I also have over 200 points banked, and I’m about another week or so from completing tour 8.

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all but 8, can’t stand the choices made with 8


Got seasons 1-8 100% completed but I’ve only ever bought three items from the exchange (rhine skin for the hornet/mongoose and Orion armor) and I am currently sitting at 373 season points, Plus I’m a Tour 9 level 10 from all that nice weekly challenge XP.

I believe that I have everything unlocked and ~20 points saved up for whatever’s coming next.

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The sword and board is here. It was a reward of seasonal challenge to win 25(i believe) ranked matches.(cost me my soul) along with visor and techsuit for h3. IDK how much they are cuz have already unlocked. And for those who couldnt get the golden skin for halo 1 , those are coming back next week

i took a break from the mcc awhile ago and, as a result, i got two seasons or so behind. that being said, all i’ve got left is half of season 6 and half of season 7 as well as most of season 8

I knew Sword and Board would be coming back. One user on the Old Waypoint (I forget who it was) was adamant that it would not end up in the Exchange, despite me repeatedly telling him it would end up in there eventually. Glad to see I was right, lol.

I am a little bit disappointed that it came first rather than the Avalanche sniper skin, but oh well.


That is pretty weird, you’d think they’d go in release order, I don’t hate that they might jumble it up, but it seems odd to start with a relatively recent one (other than the 2nd chance at mister chief a few weeks ago)

I’m also missing the Avalanche Skin and H4 Skins.

That said while I haven’t completed every season, I do have enough points to.

I haven’t completed Seasons 7 or 8, but I have 210 points saved up. Since the Exchange was introduced I made it a habit to save all my points up and only buy items from the Exchange.

I think once I’ve saved up maybe 250 points I will spend the 200 to complete Seasons 7 and 8. I like to keep a surplus on hand in case any Exchange items are added, and I don’t want to take a chance assuming I know what the costs are.

I do know that the ONI Hog was previously in the Halo 3 customization menu and was later removed. It hasn’t been in the Exchange yet, so I’m curious to see if it will be added, or what its cost could be. Same with the Avalanche skin. Given the backlash to its potential inclusion in the Exchange and how it seems to be the most sought after / rarest item - I am interested to see if its cost will be higher than average.

I think the Sword and Board’s inclusion is a good hint that it’s coming, as they were both ranked seasonal rewards.

You and me both!!

I’m still stuck on Season 5 Tier 40.
Given the fact that there won’t be a huge update for Halo Infinite in near future, I’m back grinding all the seasonal challenges.

Let’s go :sweat_smile:

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Got Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 done. Barely made any progress on Season 6 because I’m focusing on Exchange items, so I like to keep a high count of Seasonal Points. I basically have this simple system: For item available in next week’s exchange that is already bought, I buy a tier in the BP.
Until I can confirm I’ve collected every BP item, this system allows me to have a steady progress without missing out on new stuff. I hope the Rhine armor does rotate in eventually. I’d really like to use those gauntlets.