Whoevers idea it was to add ordnance

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to this game, was a complete idiot. Sorry, but that was one of the worst ideas you could’ve come up with. You expect free power weapons to not dominate matchmaking? If 5 has this -Yoink- I’m done with Halo, thanks for ruining the game for me.

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Welcome to the new world. Everybody is a winner. Couldn’t be bothered to learn the respawn time for weapons and reach that location when it reappears? Don’t worry, we’ll give you one for free. Please don’t cry, here’s a free weapon, now go play with the other kids and have fun.

People no longer have to earn their weapons, they’re now entitled to them and receive them for free. 343 had might as well make H5 rated E for Everyone, as that’s how the mechanics have been changed.

If you don’t want to play the game, nobody is making you. 343 doesn’t care about the half dozen communities they neglected when they made H4, I assure you they don’t care about you. There is no sense in trying to threaten them with your loss of H5 revenue, as it is painfully obvious that they just don’t care.