Whoever drew the top one...

…must know about the Halowaypoint.com forums lol

lol at all of them… erh mah gersh ther cerd wern

The only problem with the Call of Duty one is that the snipers are in the tent.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve actually played Call of Duty, but the snipers are the only ones not in a tent…

I laughed more at the Team Fortress 2 thing because that is basically true 100%. Other ones are funny as well

I can’t really understand the Halo picture. Halo community’s actually filled with more elders than kiddos. Though from the way they act you wouldn’t of though that at all…

TF2’s one is pretty much spot on.

I think it was more aimed toward how the community acts, not so much their age. Even though some of the older Halo fans are adults now. (I started with CE in high school, 26 now).

But this is basically how people are seeing our community…as a bunch of whiners.