Who would want a game fighting the rebels?

I don’t know if anyone ever discussed this or not but if i were to make an educated guess than i’m sure it has. However, i’ve always thought about what a Halo game would be like that is strictly about the spartan fighting the rebel forces? I have never read the books so i can only imagine the circumstances surrounding the need for Spartans during the pre-alien war. My guess is that the government was vastly out numbered by rebel forces so they needed a one man wrecking machine, or several.

The way i picture the game is your fighting against a resilient, guerrilla and resourceful type of enemy in cities ravaged by war and hunting down training and base camps in the mountains. Then towards the end of the game, the last two chapters start the beginning of the alien invasion. Now, because of Forward Unto to Dawn series we know were Master Chief would end up towards the end.

This type of game would kill two birds with one stone for me lore wise. First, seeing the start of the Spartans and playing them for their first time in combat. Also, i wouldn’t mind playing a couple missions as a regular soldier and then getting to fell vastly more powerful when becoming or playing another character as a Spartan, since it is a process. Second, It would be epic to witness the surprise of the game’s cast when first contact is made with an Alien race.

Am i alone in this, or has people already dismissed this as something they don’t want? This would also open up more possibilities with multiplayer. We could play as rebels vs Spartans.

I think it would be pretty sweet. I’m iffy about fighting humans in a Halo game, but it would be interesting as an offshoot.

I don’t think multiplayer would work, and instead would rather it be something like ODST.

Your right, the Halo culture wouldn’t accept playing as a none Spartan lol. Some innovation put into some co-op modes would be nice though. And the comment about being iffy about fighting humans is actually a good thing lore wise cause it could give illumination about the history and purpose of a Spartan. After all, Spartans were made for the sole purpose of killing humans. Then feeling the transition from killing humans to Aliens may produce some good nostalgia in people when it comes to playing the rest of the series because you’ll remember what you were made for and what your now doing with yourself.

It’s like people owning 4x4 trucks and never taking them off road cause they prefer to use it as a more practical purposes. When they take it off road for the first time then they fully understand their vehicles capabilities.

You have a nice idea , but killing another human in a futuristic universe would make it another Mass Effect 3.
This Halo game which you envision migh not look good as a standard FPS, because the UNSC and ONI used a lot a lot sabotage and Interception techniques and unconventional warfare rather than mass killing hundreds of rebels. If it should be made, make it more like Watchdogs or even Splinter Cell!!
Imagine playing as Jai 006 or even replaying as Spartan B312 in their early Rebel wars days!!!