Who would like to see Halo CE/3 Flamethrower Back?

Who would like to see the return of the flamethrower from Halo CE and Halo 3 return. I feel its right to bring it back since it was kinda cool having BBQ made fresh in the battlefield, plus its iconic role in blood gulch on the pc version! What do you guys and gals think? Reply and answer above!

Very much so. I loved every flamethrower, and enjoyed the return of fire grenades in Spartan Assault.

Good times with flame grenades and the flamethrower.

I don’t the scientific explanation, but fire made it good.

Ah man, The Shark Flamethrower on PC Halo CE. Golden times. Loved how it was so close to the overshield in that little cave with the huge rock in it. The times…

Burn Baby Burn! It’s gotta be in a flood DLC! XD oh I’d be really happy if Flood came back.

The Halo 3 version was woefully underpowered. Didn’t do anything but promote camping behind corners with it.

The Ce version is much better and would fit in better with Halo 5’s style of gameplay.

the flamethrower was nice, i wouldnt mind seeing it again.

Last night I played O.D.S.T. in MCC and used the flame grenades and the flamethrower in Data Hive. They are cool to use.