Who would like to see a raised population cap on multiplayer?

I love Halo multiplayer but over the course of ten years there have only been relatively minor gameplay changes. Since Halo 2 , the beginning of Halo multiplayer, the cap has been at 16. We are now in 2011 and the bar for games are changing and evolving and Halo needs to keep up with that if not SET that bar. Keeping a 16 player cap would not do this. The multiplayer of the future, where many games are headed now, is a straight up battlefield, a mesh of campaign and multiplayer where enormous teams square off with interactable objectives. Halo 4 needs to be fresh, new and exciting. It needs to deliver the same experience that Iv come to expect from a new Halo game: ground-breaking. Raising the population cap would not only give us a more intense multiplayer but also make gametypes that were never before possible due to the limited nature of the multiplayer. I imagine the new and improved Invasion would be outstanding

i agree

Depends on how the maps are in H4. Gears still has 4v4 and it works great simply because the maps are all appropriate sizes. If we get BF3-style maps, sure, but not for the maps we expect out of a Halo game. However, playing 24-24 on an giant Invasion map would be pretty cool.

Right I mean Gears can get away with 4v4 because its a third person game and gameplay is alot clumsier. Halo is obviously an FPS and as such needs to keep up with the genre. BF3 is the future of the genre. Sure 343 would keep the classic smaller Halo multiplayer but also introduce some huge gametypes

As long as it is restricted to appropriate gametypes such as BRB and Invasion, I’m cool with that. I just don’t want to see Team Slayer turn into 10v10 or something.

I agree. The player cap needs to be raised. I think double would be pretty cool. Imagine a game on that Nascar map with 32 people driving down. I don’t think you would be able to escape all those warthogs as a zombie lol.

They could keep team slayer 4v4 and also have a new kind of slayer 10v10

no i completely agree with you. Keep the classic Halo formula but add in some new and fresh and not “necessarily” classic gameplay

im going with a 12v12, mainly because i want maps like this put on H4


The player cap may actually be a limitation of the backend of XBOX Live rather than the game design. Maybe next-generation Halo could see a large increase in the population cap.

> The player cap may actually be a limitation of the backend of XBOX Live rather than the game design. Maybe next-generation Halo could see a large increase in the population cap.

In fact, it depends how you look at it. With the current host system of Halo the problem is at the consumer end. Unless all the players get connections with minimum upstream bandwidth much higher than 1 Mbps, we will always be restricted to 16 players.

On the other hand, it can also be at the developer end. If 343i were to get dedicated servers, it would increase the maximum player count a lot.

Both of these systems have their drawbacks.

Halo is an arena game not a ‘battlefield’ or ‘war simulation’ game so I’m just going to say, “no”.

> Halo is an arena game not a ‘battlefield’ or ‘war simulation’ game so I’m just going to say, “no”.

Don’t forget BTB. In no way does being able to have more players in BTB harm gameplay. In fact, it just makes the gameplay more interesting. of course this stement only holds truth if maps are sized and balanced appropriately.

But it’s possible and in no way would it stray away from the arena nature of Halo. I could even go as far as saying that it could enforce the arena nature of BTB.

by all means for the Halo diehards keep in the classic multiplayer experience, the uniqueness of it. But there also has to be expansion. If they continue to stick to old gameplay they will slim the players down to only fanboys. It needs to deliver a fun MP that new players would be attracted to

Honestly we have enough of a hard time keeping even 16 people in Big Team anymore, everyone backs out before the game even starts because no one wants to play hemmorrage again and there hasn’t been a playlist update in the better part of a year now. (i realize there was a small tweak with beta playlist but thats not the overhaul it needs right now)

The highest player cap I see on most games on the xbox are 12 v 12, so if possible, that would probably be the highest 343 could make it. Still, I’d imagine that lag would be a major issue if they didn’t get dedicated servers, and while they could always just increase vehicle count in BTB maps for it, I’d imagine bigger maps made with it in mind would play better, meaning less maps for people that don’t play it and prefer classic 8 v 8 or 4 v 4 maps. I’ll leave it up to 343 though.

I think it just depends if the Servers are even capable of being able to withstand the ammount of players on one game. although it would be nice if they could increase the population number bit by bit…

It would be nice, but I don’t know if it would be worth the problems it may bring:

  1. The obvious one is networking issues. Though I’m sure if we see an improvement in netcode as drastic as the one from Halo 3 → Reach, 24 player matches could easily be a possible.

  2. The less obvious problem is that 343i would need to give us more maps at launch. With more players comes more styles and ways to play the game. To accommodate these various playstyles in Halo 4 we would need a wider range of maps. Reach already had trouble supporting all of the playstyles with the addition of Invasion and Firefight. If 343i doesn’t have the production capability to significantly increase the number of maps we get at launch then increasing the player cap would not produce good results.

> Halo is an arena game not a ‘battlefield’ or ‘war simulation’ game so I’m just going to say, “no”.

I disagree Halo is defined by every new thing they add into the gameplay whether it be forge or the hornet or Big Team Battle

I mean honestly dont tell me it cant be done. it can. BF3 has 32 player MP on the 360 and from what i played in the beta there wasnt even any noticeable lag