Who wants to start a clan?

Hey guys, (or gals) im looking to start a small, different kind of clan. It would be nice if you had a mic and were at least 13, but its not that I really care about. Has this ever happened to you: your doing great in a match, but you lose because of your crappy team? Or you get team killed by trolls? Im hoping to fix that by making an awesome team of good players that will focus on mainly doing CTF, BTB and other team related stuff. (Oh ya and Grifball we cant forget Grifball.) Im not sure about the name for the clan yet, but im hoping that maybe you guys can give some suggestions. My size im shooting for, is about
8 people, including me. So what are you waiting for? Stop playing with noobs and send me a reply!

BOMH has around 10 members if you wanna join : Enjin: Website does not exist

One more thing, I have tried joining bigger clans, they suck. They recruit you and ignore you. So join a clan that will actually do stuff with you! (that’s this one.)

Nah, im good thanks though im looking to start a new one. :slight_smile:

We’re not like that, we want to have community events, training, squads etc …

But if you don’t wanna try that’s your choice.

Could you tell me a bit more about the clan?

Hey dog,
I’m Looking for players for my teams clan,
We play for fun but were good. If your interested
just let me know, Need some buds for spartan ops and forge and all that Let me know.

Man, does anyone wanna join my clan? Come on theres gotta be ONE person. You will not regret it! Stop playing with noobs and message me!


I will hit you up when I get on, We can play with your clan and do spartan ops and War Games. Just as a XBOX Live friend, Cause I know how it is playing with freelance players that help the other team win. I sent you a request already just let me know.

I too would like to look into joining. Ive been wanting to find reliable people to kill with. Ill hit you up as well

Cool! And If you dont join a clan we can still be friends and play together just send me a Friend Request and If your not doing anything I will invite you to custom games, spartan Ops and Teams!

Frank Muffin do you want to join my clan or antiheroic’s clan?

Im not trying to steal players by any means! Lol
I just want people to play with, Cause my real friends are never online.

hey man im interested in making a clan and you sound like a cool dude so im totally up for it, just message me on xbox my GT is pimpsqueak97

Sorry for not answering before, I was camping.

Our clan has just be restructured and renamed and we are looking to recruit the righ t members. If you’re interested you can see what our clan is all about by looking at our website : Enjin: Website does not exist

I’m interested if there’s still space

There’s always room here pal.

Sorry I havent posted for awhile ive been out of town, just add me on Live and We will do the clan stuff

Hey JWS Foxy, can I join your clan?

Add me or some of the other members and we can play a couple of games and see where it goes mate.