Who wants to see THE very old Halo armor?

No, I am not talking about the Mk. 5 armor seen in Halo CE. I am specifically talking about the armor shown in the very old videos of halo! Back when halo was going to be a 3rd person shooter on the Mac computers, and such! You know, the big visored helmet, bulky yet sleek and curved armor!

What I’m saying is, you should still give respect on what halo was going to be! It help shaped what halo is today. It would be very, very awesome of the devs to put in the armor into halo 5.

And not to forget the attention it would bring! Seeing that old armor would kick in so much nostalgia from the conferences! I would personally use this armor over Emile’s armor. (And i spent 6 hours, and sold all my reqs to get Emile’s armor!)

Here is a link to a picture of it. (If link doesn’t work, copy-paste it into browser)

As you can see, the chest, legs, and shoulders are entirely different than what they were in CE. The helmet… Not so much… It could still be made to be non-confusing with other helms, though.

you’re talking about this right?

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> you’re talking about this right?

Yes! (And thanks to you, I now have a link so people can have a better understanding without venturing far into the comments)

> 2533274808132968;2:
> you’re talking about this right?

tilts head
So that’s where Nightfall armor came from :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it looks awful.

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> No, it looks awful.

thats the point of a remaster

That’d be pretty funny to see them implement. Its what mark Alpha should have been based off

As long as 343i keeps the old Bungie Halo style to it rather than pulling a Mark V Alpha (aka, ruining it in order to fit their style), then absolutely!

Only if its the original pixel block quality, just because it would be stupid as hell to look at. Call it a bug in the simulation or something.