who wants to play a halo 2 pc custom game?

I am going to set a halo 2 pc custom game. I will be playing bumper cars, tremors, and cat n mouse.Is anyone willing to play these gametypes, if you are add me Extinctmonster

Bumper cars:
slayer ffa
50 kills
no shields
plasma pistol only
do not use warthog turrets
splatters and beat downs only
crash warthogs

1 flag ctf
2 teams red vs blue
blue team can only kill with ghosts by splattering
red team cannot kill, must cross the map and steal blue teams flag
the only safe place from the blue tremors is rocks,cliffs, and buildings

Cat n Mouse:
team slayer
red vs blue
red team must try and survive by driving around in warthogs and avoid the blue no shooting

2 person blue team will try and kill the red using wraiths
5 minutes

blue team cannot turbo in wraiths for the first minute, they cannot shoot till the last minute