Who wants to join the BOOM BOOM COMPANY?!?!?!

Legion of Boom Boom!!! is a very ACTIVE spartan Company. We are based on U.S time, we are preferably looking for players within the U.S. We are based on TEAMWORK, teaching our company member’s call-outs, strategies and tactics. By knowing call-outs and strategies it will only make you a better player within a team guaranteed! Our goal is to make you a better player only if you show your commitment! We also are trying to complete all level 5 commendations and Achilles Armor! We need players who are willing to contribute to our cause! Most of all We want you to have fun of course! Please check our company page if you are interested! Shoot me a message Queenlingling and we will get you set up :slight_smile:

  • Queeny :wink: