Who wants the forklift to come back?

I would love to see the forklift come in reqs, they already have worthless scout warthogs, why not the forklift? Also it wasn’t in the campaign…

Who doesn’t?

Lol it would be interesting… technically you can with vehicle welding make it work… but if they make the forklift drivable they already have the model…

Olifant or I riot

We kinda do. Weld the forklift to a mongoose or better yet banshee. Still it would be nice to move the blades up and down.


Barvo plssss… Bring back Forky!

It will come back. I have faith.

With variants? An ONI forklift could be better at… forklifting? As in when a spartan’s caught in it, they get sent to like Meridian or something

Sure why not.