who wants reach ?

Hey all !! just basically venting here because im trying to understand why Halo Reach was not included in MCC or why there hasnt really been any word about them bringing reach to xbox one. I am a huge fan of the Halo franchise through and through,and i have been gaming for 30 + years and in my opinion the halo series is by far the best game/s ever made. When they first announced the MCC i was so pysched and couldnt wait for release,and despite all the problems we had at launch we still stuck by them and they continue to improve it and they did an awsome job with MCC going back and playing halo ce with the same friend that i played with when it originally launched it felt so great and we were blown away at how great it looked and how much fun it still is. However in all of this i feel like there is something missing and that for me is halo reach, i know that there are ppl out there that could care less about reach,complaining about the blur effect and what not. But it is at least to me one of the best games in the franchise, so why is it that i am forced to go back to my 360 to play (still love my 360 but besides the point) They said that they wanted us to experience everything but yet it seems like they are leaving it behind. And so what i guess im hoping to get out of all of this is that maybe if enough ppl that hopefully feel the same as i do about reach get together and strongly voice consistently enough that we want reach on xbox one, maybe someone from 343i is actually reading this thread and taking it in (hint hint) and can do something about it. so i would really like to know how many ppl feel the same way about reach as i do regardless of whether not they give us what i/we want it would be very interesting to know so please just reply to this thread if you want halo reach on xbox one so we can see for ourselves. Thx

You never know, it might release some day. But for the time being I’ll be happy with Halo Ce to 4 and ODST.

yes i want Reach on xbox one