Who wants elites back in multiplayer?

UNSC is still working with rogue elites vs the covenant. So, why did they decide to get rid of them from multiplayer? They have to train to! And I don’t really know if this has anything to do with anything, but not until Halo 4 when they said that multiplayer was a simulation on infinity, and Halo 4 was when they got rid of elites. Are they not allowed on infinity? Where they still on infinity before Halo 4 or where they just rogue Spartans that went crazy and kill each other (probably on infinity)? But there are many reasons elites should come back. I am not going to list them but look it up. I want elites back but I don’t know if only me and a small group of players still want elites. So once again I turn to you to ask.

there’s a megathread for this.

I think they’d be alright, I always played as an elite in H3. I think it’s for balancing though, they got big -Yoink- heads

Why should I care? Why does this matter?

They shouldn’t add in elites, it is useless. They shouldn’t make the elites overpowered if they do add them in though.

Bother as listed above please use the mega thread where all elites are currently discussing this topic, we can all speak there

I used to want them back…but then swat H3 happened…

Its almost like…There is a huge thread for this…Lurking…Somewhere.

Why do some people think it’s such a bad idea? Seriously this is Halo not CoD

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> Why do some people think it’s such a bad idea? Seriously this is Halo not CoD

But that’s the thing, halo gave up halo and tried to copy cod, then millions of fans left and moved on to other games. Now a large population of the community are cod fans… Here it’s a little bit better explained in this.

I wish other hot issues got as much attention and support as playable Elites does. Really speaks about where the community’s priorities lie with game design…

I couldn’t care any less about playable Elites. They’re just a silly gimmick that I outgrew by the time I left freshman year.