Who wants classic maps back?

I love all the new maps in Halo 5, but honestly, we need some of the classics back. I always felt like there wasn’t as many maps in Halo 5 as there was in previous Halo games. I would love to see Midship from Halo 2 make a comeback. Also, seeing Blood gultch from Halo CE (the original design) would be awesome. Now, I know that Griffball has a design like that, but you cant go in to the bases, and your playing on a grid. and its missing the classic red dirt and canyon look. So if anyone else has the same thoughts, please comment about which map(s) you would like to see added into Halo 5, or a future Halo game.

I’d rather they keep to remixing new maps (I’d prefer brand new maps honestly) over remakes that have already been remade. Plus truth is midship, it’s also regret.

Truth is Midship lol.

Any other remakes would have to be altered in a similar fashion.

It’s kind of pointless.

In truth and spirit i don’t want any remakes really, well maybe Ascension from H4 but no maps from the BUNGIE era. The old maps would have to undergo changes and what not to fit the H5 style of gameplay and THAT my dear friend, is not something that’d be worth it.
I would love to see the ‘‘new’’ maps in form of remixes to cease and for them to ACTUALLY create NEW, mindblowing and awesome maps.

Remakes don’t work because of sprint. Any map from Halo 1-3 that isn’t already a big team battle map would have to be stretched significantly which would destroy the map flow. Truth doesn’t play like midship because of the size change.