Who wants Big Team to actually be Big Team??

My title says it all. The 8v8 halo btb is old. Thats not “big” thats not even on par for average with other games anymore. At the very very least it should be 12v12. Although the more the better. Should also have huge maps catered to the gametype. Not alot but definitely some. Just my opinion. Where do you guys stand on big team for halo 5

I totally agree with up-ing the ante on BTB. 12v12 sounds like a sweet spot but no higher than 16v16 I would say. Relegate the power weapons and anti-vehicle weapons to only pickups and you have yourself a balanced BTB experience I feel like. I read some rumors on these forums that 343i was dropping hints on some kind newer and improved BTB experience that was slated to be in Halo 3, but do not take my word for it. There was even footage of it floating around on the web somewhere.

As far as maps go, we need more BTB maps like Sandtrap where there is a huge vehicle to drive/fly.

12v12 would be a nice step up, but let’s keep it at 12v12. More would just make the game clusterfuckee

Anything is better than 8v8