Who wants a t-bag assasination?

I don’t know about others.
But I would like to see an assasination that incorporated t-bagging.
Would take genius to find a way to make t-bagging lethal. And look good animated.
Throw them on their back and pin them down.
3rd person ^
1st person v
Than you grab them by the chest plate and slam their head while they are looking at you.
Punching while t bagging twice, kneck breaks like stay down assasination.
Followed by 1 or two quick crouching

Haha I would

that would be awesome. it’s a little difficult to tbag so the person can see, so an assassination would be sweet!

Lol, I wonder if that would affect the games rating, JK. Would love it and hate it, love it when I tbag someone, and hate it while my character gets ruthlessly tbag murdered.

What … O.o ??

How is t-bag going to kill anyone?

Deleted post.

Off topic but remember when the Holograms from Halo 4 used to -Yoink!-?

I wouldn’t be opposed to it… Then again it sounds like something that would leave me vulnerable longer then necessary… I prefer my Lawn Dart, “pile driver,” move because it’s quick and it makes the enemies effective human shields while spinning them down onto their faces…

Totally. The kill part of the animation could be super quick so that they could drop a couple teabags in without it being too long. Maybe just a quick stab to the neck as they’re being pulled to the ground.


The -Yoink!- itself could be what kills the spartan, because why the hell not?

I want this RIGHT NOW.

Can I haz 343i?

The Chief could grab two sticky grenades and put them between his legs then set them off on the other dudes face. BAM!

Attach a knife to your crotch, knock the opponent down, and have a great time :wink:

I’d like to see you be brutally yanked to the ground, and then my -Yoink!- breaks your neck, while I throw in a melee or two for luck.

Grow up

> 2533275023922571;6:
> How is t-bag going to kill anyone?

By forcefully crushing their skull.

this is offensive

how can you even think about suggesting something like this?

in todays society we are taught to respect everyone and treat others as equals

that being said i will only support this if there is a “clam slam” option for the female spartans