who want to team up for ranks on H2A,H3&H4 Only

Hey I looking for decent player serious to rank H2A,H3, and H4 but also I experience playing before I hear about this game is bad but for me it’s not because many player has to face horrible challenge like rank 50 or even the whole group like a chaos so I recent request accept player who rank like between 17 thru 25 Only.

Ps: I know it’s hard but I suggest 3 to 4 player who rank I recall only and addition bring 4 to 5 non player who doesn’t care about to rank 50 but really to have fun like big team battle so please bare with it at all time thank you for understanding or not I hope you get this a chance at all.!

Pss: if you hate to face higher lv then looking for me and then I give you a idea how to succeed without worrying a nonsense match.

For recruiting you’ll want to post in the recruiting forums. I see you have a post already in the MCC forums, I’ll close this and keep that one open. In future please don’t cross post topics, thanks