Who want to join my Spartan Company? Any can join!

My Spartan Company is named The Gamers and Friends, so the whole point of this clan is to play with “Gamers and while having fun with Friends”; Basically just to play for FUN and to play for COMPETITIVE. In orbuder to join, you should message me via DL117MarioSonic for the Xbox One if you want to play some Halo 5: Guardians (or any other Xbox One games) with me or message me via DEELOCOWAS2012 for Xbox 360 if you want to play some Xbox 360 games with me (but keep in mind that I don’t have all games for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360), or you can message me via Halo Waypoint Official Wensite! Another way to reach me is my official Facebook page for this Spartan Company which is Spartan Company Facebook Page.
Anyways, I’m just looking for players that like to have fun, play some custom lobbies with Forge-Made maps, also play some competitive games every once in a while (can say,“I would do more often if the players that I play with like so!”), play some online matches on any gamemodes, and, in short, play anything on Halo 5: Guardians!
Forgot to mention that I would love to play some FUN Forge made maps in some custom lobby matches which means that I would love to show them off on The Gamers and Friends Facebook Page!
In conclusion, I would like any players on Xbox 360 nor the Xbox One to feel free to contact me to join my Spartan Company and play some games with me, so thank you for reading this post and I would be please with anyone whom willing to join this clan… THANK YOU once again!
Also recruiting Halo: Reach and Halo: The Master Chief Collections player.

My Facebook Page was meant for other ideas, but, in the end, I decided to keep it in use for social and gaming clans purposes.