Who thinks we need Halo 5 ODST before Halo 6?

For those so against the idea of another ODST, read more for specif details. This isn’t just a clone cash in idea for 343i.

Mostly because it can be used as a testing ground. Just jumping into main titles with concepts many people just won’t enjoy I.E. Removing split screen just doesn’t sound like a great idea.

What a side game right now would allow is a nice story that won’t feel forced and show faith.

I even have a pretty good setting for the game. Same crew new tasks. You’d play as the old ODST team just in 2558. You’d play as Dutch coming out of retirement to help the people who’ve been getting destroyed by the random events. He and Romeo (obviously) a Spartan now follow MC along wit ha rouge UNSC group to help these planets. Starting with the freshest wound of MErdian. (I’d really love to go back for that women left behind.)

The game could start off in a tutorial recapping the events of new Blood of where Dutch seemingly fails Rookie and shows him listening to the news report obviously not dying the BS after his careers and Romeo giving him the extra info on the situations being a spartan and all.

The game could take place in the glasslands of Meridian post-Guardian jump as Dutch, Romeo and new friends search for survivors discover the Created threat and fight to get off the planet. They could even be meet by scavenging Covenant forces such as Kig-Yar scavengers, Sangheili Kadions actually that desperate for resources or just brutes doing brute stuff.

In this game new ideas for Halo 6 could be tested with the detail of experimental tech that Romeo snagged before departing with Dutch and friends for this adventure. The game could do two things with switching between playing as the Super Soldier Romeo and the Trooper Dutch. testing old and new Halo playstyles to players personal preference and modeling Halo 6 for the better.

It could set up amazing locations such as well the glasslands and their crazy environments, half glassed cites, ground Zero of the slipspace jump and Forerunner underground relics and Kig-Yar drop bases, even pirate talks with the aliens.

Alot can be done with this idea so much that ignoring it only makes it harder, there could even be hints into Halo 6 since the game would take place later into the events of halo 5. I.E. When Osiris is at Sunaion. So many options and open space could truly bring back the old Halo feel of mystery and wonder and the will to survive as you get trapped on the dying world by Created forces given life by the Guardian or left behind after it jumped (assuming a decent amount didn’t board the thing, they seemed more anger at your existence then about getting on board the Guardian.

It’d also show what the average person feels about these situations, reintroduction the ODST style audio logs that tell a full on story rather then a small sequence in an area. No reason Sadie and Virgil couldn’t join the group right?

Like or hate it it’s an idea and something i’d much rather see then a quick jump into Halo 6 after Halo Wars 2 which will likely have little to do with future events and focus on the Covenant war or during that time.

ODST? MC? that’s too far flung, MC probably has other things to do. But take MC out and thats a great game Idea

How about this instead?

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> How about this instead?

To be honest I actually didn’t see that thread and it seems kind of dead as well. The OP is the only guy who seems to of replied to it.

Even though I believe ODST is a great Halo game and sometimes underrated, I’m pretty sure it only can go wrong…

The atmosphere alone is something so unique with Marty’s score and with the film noir like piano in the rainy dark is something I won’t forget for a long time. With a good story and a good presentation of that story plus an awesome firefightmode it was a nice experience for sure.

That being said, ofcourse I hope there will be an ODST game but only if it’s epic as hell.

> 2535440120215345;3:
> How about this instead?

Gotta one up you


Sounds like a good start to me! i like it!