Who thinks Halo 3 will be remastered with Scorpio?

I hope it isn’t the case because Halo 3’s campaign dialogue is some of the worst in the entire franchise.

After replaying it with MCC last year I couldn’t believe how cheesy most of it was, and by the end I was glad it was over.

I think a lot of us have great memories of H3 but it is because the multiplayer was so stellar at the time in 2007.

Anyway, with Scorpio coming out this fall I would not be surprised if there is some kind of “Halo” game to tide us off until Halo 6 comes out in 2018.

Personally I would prefer a ODST style game off of Halo 5 instead of another remaster.


I think it will be and am actually looking forward to it (if it happens). And yes, if anything it’ll probably be better suited for the Scorpio.

I wish it would just be remastered in general. Slight for achievements and just want to play it again with buds and etc. Maybe fix up some bugs more armor idk