All I hear about Halo 6 speculation is Mendicant Bias this, Mendicant Bias that, ally Mendicant Bias! Mendicant Bias is not dead!!! That would be helpful if I knew who he was in the first place. After looking for 2 hours I honestly can say I have no damn idea. Has he ever been seen in a Halo game? I don’t know. All I know is forerunner ai stuff, corrupted by gravemind, and that’s it. I don’t know who he was, what he did, if he ever showed up in a Halo game, how he “died” or how he didn’t I don’t know. What did he do to Chief? I don’t know. Is he even a real character??? Please explain this to me.

Read the Halo 3 terminals (can be found in the universe section on waypoint I believe) or The Forerunner Saga (Cryptum, Primordium and Silentium) to learn more about him.

Halopedia also has a decent summary, but it’s best to look into the pieces of fiction I had listed above.

Simply put, Mendicant Bias was a Contender class A.I (most advanced ancilla in the a Forerunner Ecumene) that had been converted to the Foood’s cause, later defeated by Offensive Bias, later split apart, with one fragment on the Forerunner Keyship on High Charity, told the three future Hierarchs about the significance of humanity, later reconnected with his fragment on the Ark on Halo 3 and (presumably) helped the Chief survive the activation of Installation 04B by keeping the portal intact.

As I had mentioned above, read the Forerunner Saga and Halo 3 Terminals to learn more about him. Also read Contact Harbest as well.

All I need to know is who he is, what major significant role he plays in Halo, what he did in halo 3 exactly (and by that I mean explain the story before what he does because I have no idea by what you mean by “keeping the portal intact”), and what he might do in Halo 6.

Mendicant Bias

This should tell you everything you need to know

You know who he is? He’s a Traitor!

Why are people mentioning someone who’s dead as a future character?

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> Why are people mentioning someone who’s dead as a future character?

Cortana use to be death so why not.

> 2535462037955640;7:
> Why are people mentioning someone who’s dead as a future character?

He isn’t dead.

Part of him (the largest part, far as I can tell) was buried beneath the sands of the Ark - which we know is a still functioning post-Halo 3. He cut off the portal right as Chief’s section of FUD entered it, which enabled Halo 4 to happen. He sent Chief to the Didact hoping to atone for his sins of betraying the Forerunners; Didact was originally supposed to be cleansed of his corruption and to help humanity attain the Mantle.

Mendicant Bias is far, far from dead. And far, far from irrelevant to the modern plot, considering he enabled the entire plot of Halo 4 to occur (and by extension, Halo 5). Also worth noting is that Cortana in Halo 5 is more or less replicating the events that the corrupted Mendicant Bias did to the Forerunner Ecumene.