Who take the decision to give the Mantle to the humanity?

Before the forum closure, I have an important question in my mind for so long who need an answer !

At the end of the forerunner, who decided the humanity would get the Mantle ? Was it only the Librarian or did some other forerunner agreed with her ?

As I see that, I don’t understand why the forerunners population would accept a thing like that. During the Halo construction, I suppose there was still a ot of forerunners in life. They certainly had hope to go on the Ark, then return to the galaxy after the Halo activation.
I know the life-worker were on the Ark, then decided to live with the other species until their death. It’s was really noble, but I’m not sure every forerunner would decided that.

What do you think ?

Very much my own fuzzy headcanon, but…

The Forerunners felt that the firing of the array was a crime and realised how badly they messed up in having to do it, any who survived would be traumatised and no longer worthy of the Mantle of Responsibility, hence it had to pass on, and Humans were the best candidates (having previously potentially been favoured by the Precursors, leading to the Forerunners overthrowing the Precursors).

The Ecumene Council at that time would have been led by Faber, Librarian and likely Iso-Didact. Would need to check that.

Ur-Didact was clearly against the decision to favour humans and believed that the Forerunners should have maintained the Mantle

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Yes, as you say they failed to protect the galaxy from the flood, so their decision to give the mantle to another species is really honorable. Faber, Librarian and Iso-Didact surely act on their own, I don’t think the civilian have their word to say in that. In the books, we can see Novelastre didn’t knew about the flood at the begin of the war, so I don’t think the forerunner people were really aware about the Halo at the end

Not even failed to protect, so much as failed to understand the threat until too laye

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I thought it was the precursors that decided it and the forerunners thought that was stinky no no and committed genocide

The Precursors changing the designated Mantle succession from the Forerunners to Humanity did indeed cause the Precursor/Forerunner War, I think OP was asking about how the Forerunners decided that following the reseeding of the galaxy they would leave breadcrumbs to help Humanity assume the Mantle (Didact was supposed to help but went mad without the Domain, etc.)

It’s been too long since I immersed myself with the forerunner stuff but I think it was the Librarian that wanted humanity to take up the mantle. I think. Maybe.