Who still plays Halo 2?

For one I still do! I, was just playing online a while ago. The game is still way to fun to pass up. Come time to time.
Anyone else play and what are your thoughts?

I’m playing all the Halo games in chronological order right now, so I’m playing 2 as part of that. Already beat Wars, Reach, and CE, then I started 2, played up until the ship jumped from New Mombasa, and now I’m playing ODST. Then I’m going back to finish 2 and play 3. So yeah, I definintely play 2’s campaign. Love it!

I also played the multiplayer with some friends a couple weeks ago. Was a lot of fun.

I still do I repurchased it for my PC a few weeks ago.
I had forgotten what happens in the game so I wanted to go through it again, so much fun.

Halo 2 is still my favorite Halo game. I play it every once in a wile. the online play was and in my opinion, still is the greatest game ever on Xbox Live.