Who remembers those RVB or halo music vids on youtube

Does anyone remember how they did like on RVB they had like that we will rock you. Or four like halo 4 with that radioatve sorry spelled that song wrong. They also had those remember things when RVB stopped before that zero thing. Like with Minecraft with those songs with captain sparkles I mean hasn’t every gaming thing been though that with music vids. I mean even warp zone did a halo four song. Also whom ever does those video game songs with famous youtubers like with among us. I mean that was at like peak halo. On Youtube just look up halo rmv I think Idk just halo music vids. That was a fun time for halo. They still make halo music videos, like one from like 2018 or 2019. It was super fun for those people to make those or just take clip from halo trailer or cutscene or RVB put famous song over it boom millions of views. Peak halo famdom there. Anyway idk what I was talking about but that was a fun time.

I still remember listening to SkullCruncher13 as a kid. The old days of the community were amazing and it just goes to show how important Halo was/is to so many people.