Who is your Monitor?

If you were to be a Monitor, what color would you be? What would be your name?
Me: Green. 05-207 Forgotten Essence.

My Monitor:

Colour: Cyan

Name: 2308 Abnormal Confliction

07-4802 Adjascent Sin, Monitor of Installation 07.

Eye colour: Lime Green.

Blue. 42-001 Deep Thought.


Color: This specific shade of red

Name: 4096 Contrite Vector


Name: Wandering snake of the wunjumi clan

Colour: Green

Color: Red

Name: 146 Unwieldy Benevolence.

Abject Assertion
Color: Olive
Installation 00


412 Crazed Demeanor

Colour: Purple

Name: 1598 Doubtful Light

Halo: Installation 02

1337 Intolerable Brony

Name: 888 Exalted Luminary
Chassis Color: White
“Eye” Color: Gold
Installation: The Excession, ie the Ark Portal

who is your Monitor, and what does he do?