Who is the better dev?

Looking around I was wondering what everybody’s opinion was on this. Which gaming developer is BETTER at making Halo games. You have Bungie and their games, and 343i and Halo 4.

Bungie, hands down. You can’t really beat the makers of Halo.

Hmm lets see, Bungie made 5 Halo games, 343 made 1, that has been out for a total of a week. This is a ridiculous question.

Bungie, it’s not even close.

But 343 does have many opportunities in the future to prove us wrong. In my opinion, so far, it hasn’t gone that well for them. Bungie just knows how to deliver a clean, well-thought game.

Votes Bungie
Its my 1st Halo, and 1st game from 343 company, but it has in my opinion to many issues, i’ve never had befor on any other games i played o_O

Bungie because they’ve never made a xp cap before.

> Bungie because they’ve never made a xp cap before.

They did in Reach.

I’m going to be hated for this but… 343.

I know, I know, but I feel like 343 was unafraid to take some risks when it came to the story, I.E. the Chief/Cortana emotion.

Halo 4’s multiplayer wasn’t quite as spectacular as I had expected it to be, but it’s still pretty fun, and I’m not as much of a multiplayer guy anyway.

Cheers, and flame me all you like.

> Bungie because they’ve never made a xp cap before.

Guess you never played Reach. There was even a rank cap for a month.

Bungie is way better, but I give 343 credit for trying to carry the mantle. They can never beat Bungie at Bungie’s own game.

343, been playing since Halo:CE and I can say I feel the magic again. There just wasn’t any care put into the ODST/Reach era and it was so tangible…you could just feel it. The multiplayer for this game seems flawless to me (of course some latency issues need work i.e. kill cam.) but as far as balance goes BR/DMR/pistol it doesn’t matter. It’s all about how you approach the combat. I roll with a AR and pistol with hologram and I’m pretty sure I could school half of you hard.

The meta game hasn’t been quite hashed out yet and map control is still being figured out regardless of how much these tryhard kids think they know. This game has to much tactic and I feel a competitive spark again…Can’t wait til’ January

I was told that a few people from bungie now work with 343i. Is this correct or no?

There is no developer that is BETTER than the other. Its completely a matter of opinion. Each developer just caters to a different audience. Just wish bungies fanbase would stop playing a game they don’t like for the sake of creating 600 pages worth of hate topics.

Considering 343 have former Bungie employees working there… irreverent.

  1. It was their first Halo game, and succeeded in my opinion. However, they should have made a Halo spin off to test the waters a bit.

> Hmm lets see, Bungie made 5 Halo games, 343 made 1, that has been out for a total of a week. This is a ridiculous question.

343 is just as good.

Well, Bungie has the better composer and designers, but 343i seems to care a lot more about story and characters.

Bungie was a one trick pony. Without Halo they aren’t anything special. Can you even say you know or care what Bungie is doing with themselves right now?

I’m going to take the controversial path and say that currently I’m more excited about 343i then I was about Bungie.

The swan song Bungie gave us was garbage. Halo:Reach wasn’t the note they should of gone out on. We all expected better but it was still what they gave us. Tons of new features that were all really cool! Too bad they never cared enough to fix anything wrong. Armor Lock never got changed. Grenades were thermonuclear bombs for the longest time. It was easier to just melee twice then to bother using a close quarters weapon.

Then Halo 4 comes out and 343i has taken almost all those changes Bungie added to Reach and smoothed everything out and made it all pretty.

Halo 4 is what Reach should have been. That means something to me.

So there you have it. If I had to give a real answer to the question of my preference? Right now its 343i.

We have 6 awesome games from Bungie and 1 awesome game from 343.

Tied, as far as I’m concerned. Until they prove otherwise, anyway, but I’m not gonna hold my breath for that.