Who is reporting all the revived threads?


Who is reporting it when an old thread is revived? Mods wouldn’t be locking them if nobody was reporting them.

I’m sorry. Is the mcc section of the forums so busy you can’t keep up with it all?

Get a life. Stop trying to hinder the last few people on this planet who actually want to talk about TMCC on the forums of the devs who made this incredibly broken game and made millions off it.

Its a forum for one. And every 1st world country has freedom of speech. The point of a forum is to discuss so really that is an absolute joke and utter lunacy.

These forums are pretty quiet these days anyway so why would there be restrictions on how long ago your allowed to post? I don’t get a fine for bringing up something from a week ago when speaking in public so what makes these forums any different? Please someone answer this because my brain cells are melting over this controversy.

I thought 343 would love to see people discussing on these forums…

Sometimes it’s not that it is reported, it’s just noticed in passing.

For the record, free speech doesn’t apply to privately owned websites. If a topic is months or over a year old then the discussion is pretty much dead. So much can and will have changed since then, it’s best to start a new topic on subject and reference the old thread.

A lot of the time people don’t check dates when posting, so the continue conversations right where they left off which causes confusion if issues have already been resolved. Anyways discussing forum moderation isn’t a topic for this forum