Who is ready for Halo 4?

I think they are doing okay so far how about you guys?

P.S If you have any Halo gameplay to send me i can commentate about it.

For Halo Reach : Mlg, Team Objective, And Team slayer only
Halo 3 : All ranked
Halo 2: Mlg
Halo Custom: Mlg
Halo 3 odst: Firefight

Just send me a link of the video on youtube or send me the video in a message then ill post it and commentate. Thank you for your consideration!

Ready to pwn all of you ehehe! :wink:

This sounds more like a thread trying to help your youtube channel than it is to be excited for Halo 4. skeptical face

This game is never not on my mind OP. I think I have used my phone for Halo 4 - related research and discovery more than anything else! Please 343 don’t yoink! this up!