Who Is Noble 6 B312 Really?

Born on the Muslim-prominent planet of Masyaf IV on July 23rd, 2533. Natalie was born in the Quasioun territory, in the population center known as Cyprus City to a caucasian family. Her father was a Human-history teacher at Cyprus Memorial High School, while her mother served at the airbase[3].
Natalie spent her first few years as an average, middle-class child. Born into an average first-world family, Natalie had trouble bonding with her parents due to the family’s erratic schedule. She, on the other hand, had no trouble bonding with animals, apparently influenced by the 21st century kids cartoon, Tom & Jerry[4].
Natalie grew up as a bit of a tomboy. While most girls her age were obsessed with princesses, Natalie, like her mother, loved aviation. Natalie’s childhood room was decorated with an assortment of aircraft, such as the World War II era Mitsubishi Zero, the Cold War era B-52 Stratofortress, or the more recent B-65 Bomber.
In school, Natalie excelled in science and history, and understood very rudimentary physics by second grade. She also had an obsession with rulers of the past, often asking her parents about famous figures such as Joseph Stalin, or Augustus Caesar, information about these figures gained from watching documentaries with her father.
Natalie was not physically fit for her age, but she had a large range of knowledge when it came to aircraft, as stated many times before. He also knew a lot about physics by the time of second grade, to which teachers were saying he was able to comprehend physics at a level most her age couldn’t even hope to understand.
Having learned to read from a young age, Natalie was a bookworm. She loved reading, and while her classmates read picture books, she had moved on to chapter books by first grade, at recess often seen sitting in some distant corner of the schoolyard, reading.
On August 30th, 2540, a Covenant fleet jumped out of Slipspace in the Acre system, preparing to glass the strategically significant planet of Masyaf IV. Natalie and her father were both in school, the former in an elementary on the west side of Cyprus City, the latter in a high school on the east side of town.
The fleet arrived over Masyaf IV around 1:00 PM, beginning the process of glassing major population centers and evacuation points.

An artist’s rendition of the glassing of Cyprus City.

Panic ensued in the city, Masyaf’s AI, Redshirt, struggling to keep control of the situation.
Natalie’s father and herself met up and attempted to skirt past the traffic towards the airbase, but the congestion in the city prevented them from reaching Natalie’s mother before she had left to combat the cruisers in the air. The glassing reaching close to the airbase, Natalie and her father attempted to quickly make their way aboard evacuation transport departing from the airbase, but amidst the chaos of the large crowd attempting to also secure a spot on to the transport, Natalie’s father was left behind to wait for the next one.
Unfortunately, Natalie’s mother was killed escorting a civilian transport away from Cyprus City, and Natalie’s father perished in the glassing of the city, waiting for another transport.
Placed in an orphanage on Paris IV in the nearest safe star system of the same name, Natalie had trouble adjusting to her new life. She began acting out, engaging in fights with some of the other children in the orphanage over the smallest of things. Her behavior prompted her to be transferred out of the orphanage, similar occurrences prompting transfer after transfer, also causing operatives from ONI to take heed to her actions.
Interested in the daughter of military personnel, and at the perfect time, operatives kept close watch over Natalie, examining her actions as she was transferred from orphanage to orphanage. Notably, she managed to trap three fourteen year old boys who had stolen her book in a closet, keeping them there until they told her the location of said book.
The reports from her caretakers eventually prompted direct intervention by ONI, taking interest in what might be a valuable asset someday. Natalie’s departure from the orphanage on Paris IV was coordinated, and she was sent to the planet of Onyx to begin her training as a SPARTAN-III.


Sent to Onyx with 417 other candidates for the SPARTAN-III Program, Natalie and her fellow trainees were met by Lieutenant Kurt Ambrose and Senior Chief Petty Officer Mendez Franklin Mendez, who would be their mentors for the next few years. Assigned to Fireteam Quebec, Natalie never much fit in with the rest of her team. Oftentimes wandering off on her own or accomplishing team objectives solo, Natalie gained a reputation with her compatriots and superiors for being a rebel when teamwork was required. This attitude also garnered her attention from Kurt Ambrose, who saw potential in her abilities to function alone.
After training, B312 had been immediately pulled out of Beta Company and assigned to work for the Office of Naval Intelligence.
On July 24th, 2552, Natalie was deployed to a special operations joint team known as Noble, currently stationed on Reach. Natalie was escorted by two Falcons towards the outpost known as <a class=“new” data-uncrawlable-url=“L3dpa2kvTm9ibGVfQmFzZT9hY3Rpb249ZWRpdCZyZWRsaW5rPTE=”>Noble Base</a> where the team would be waiting. Upon meeting Noble Team, she was introduced to the Slavic marksman known as Jun-A266, followed by Emile-A239, an African-American SPARTAN who specialized in heavy weaponry, and Katherine-B320, known as Kat, the team’s technician, who then introduced her new counterpart to Noble Team’s leader, Carter-A259, currently speaking to Colonel Urban Holland (known as Noble Actual) through radio contact. Immediately after which, Natalie was introduced to Jorge-052, a SPARTAN-II, and given quick orders to prepare her belongings as Noble Team was being deployed to the Visegrad Relay to investigate lost contact with a group of UNSC troopers at the relay.
Noble Team was once again prepped on their duty – to investigate a relay where a team of soldiers had gone MIA after searching for the source of a flatlined signal at said relay.
Upon closing in on the Visegrad Relay, Noble Team lost contact with anyone outside a 5 mile radius. The team arrived on a farmstead, and Katherine-B320 found the source of a distress becaon.
Questioning a group of Hungarian farmers, Noble Team, with caution, continued towards the relay. When they reached the other side of a farm building, it was discovered that Covenant forces had arrived on Reach.
The team engaged the Covenant, making quick work of the forces. Noble Team, realizing the gravity of their situation, made it a priority to reach a communications station to warn Colonel Holland of the Covenant forces.
Noble Six, Carter, and Jorge-052 continued on ground while Katherine and Emile-A239 continued by air, moving to reactivate the relay. Six drove a civilian vehicle towards the relay, intercepting a plea for help from a squad of troopers.
After aiding the troopers, Noble traveled to the communications station, where Natalie discovered three humans. One of them was Doctor Laszlo Sorvad, now deceased. Also within was a trooper, presumably a bodyguard to the doctor, and the doctor’s daughter, Sara Sorvad.
Eliminating a strike team of Zealots, Noble Team managed to power up the relay and re-initiate contact with Colonel Holland, warning him of the Covenant’s presence on the planet.