Who is max valor and no one left behind glitched

I’ve beaten the campaign and luckily gotten all of the achievements that I should have gotten aside from 2 that are glitched. Who is max valor sits at 99% and no one left behind is 95%. I’ve completely cleared the entire game map and gotten every single collectible. I’ve beaten the game a few days ago and still the achievements haven’t popped.

I’ve started a new game and gotten to mission 3 to see if they’d pop and even cleared some fobs and answered more distressed calls on new game. Nothing. Is this going to be addressed? My campaign also sits at 99% complete


I have the same issue here. Pretty sure the two are tied into each other. :sweat_smile:

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I beat the campaign a 2nd time to get max valor

My Valor is stuck at 66%. My collectibles achievements (skulls/audio logs etc) are also all bugged between 30-60%. Not sure what happened but it anyone finds a fix I would love to know. Hoping I don’t have to start over on the collectibles.

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From the release notes for the 15 December hotifix ( https://support.halowaypoint.com/hc/en-us/articles/4412306622356-Halo-Infinite-Campaign-Release-Notes )

’ * Xbox Achievement reliability has been improved in this update.

  • Achievements no longer track progress toward their completion, but will unlock as expected when their conditions are met.
  • If an Achievement’s conditions were met prior to this update but the Achievement did not unlock as completed yet, it should unlock after installing this update and continuing Campaign gameplay.’

Guessing this is why your achievements aren’t tracking.


Completed the campaign today with all valor rewards unlocked and still no achievement, any idea as to how to get it to pop on Xbox please

Is this still not resolved? I’m at 99% on max valor and 90% on distress calls

Mine is still glitched too. No One Left Behiond stuck at 95% and Who Is Max Valor at 99%

But did you beat it on legendary … :thinking:

This isn’t a glitch btw.

Saving all the marines and yeeting all the strongholds doesn’t max out your valor. You need to destroy a couple of comms stations as well. They net you 10 valor a piece so make sure you hit some.

You don’t have to destiry them all. Just enough to get you to the max rank.

I had to.

I’ve got the achievement directly After destroying the last tower.

Got the achievement with smth like 3750 valor. (need to check how much i really needed)

Oh you’re looking for achievements? Sorry. Thought you were talking about the fob unlocks.

You’re probably right about that.

Are audio logs part of this as well? Max Valor that is

I also have this same issue. 24 hours into my campaign save. got all the audio logs, skulls, everything. except these 2 achievments. valor and noone left behind. both stuck at 95%

I don’t think audio logs provide any Valor. I still have 1 unsc and a bunch of Spartan logs to find but got the max Valor achievement

Yo so I got this achievements after popping the last grunt propaganda tower. So you’ll need those, all campaign missions, all fobs and marines captured and saved. You’ll need to beat each banished fort every high value target and possibly find all of the collectibles as well (I had them before destroying the towers so not sure if they actually matter). If you have all of that done unfortunately I’ll have to say either wait for a fix or do it all again on easy with the bandanna skull on and go nuts. Yes you will still pop the achievements even for doing it on easy with that skull. Have fun and go nuts folks I’m currently going in for my laso run and by god is it broken

nope only propegande towers, the save marines side missions, Banished bunkers you need to destroy and some off the missions in the story play have give also valor.
the max valor is 3450.

for the 100% you need to compleet the game story missions, find all spartan core’s, all the audio log’s, kill all the High Value Target’s all off then, you need also to colect all the mjolnir it also counts if you gote then all in the other save file you still need to open then all for the 100% on the other save file’s, all the skulls you most have found.

That update is a lie, i got all items unlocked in my fob but it still hasn’t popped, I’m actually on the campaign as we speak, all i have left is audio files (unsc and spartan) and 2 spartan cores and i will have everything