Who is liking all the gold pack rewards?

With WZFF you get gold packs and silver packs for finishing games and getting commendations, I must have gotten over 15-20 gold packs today; I’m thinking this is to help people catch up with getting all the weapon/vehicle certifications since this looks to be the last update. (I already unlocked everything, so a part of me was pissed that I worked hard to get everything and now its gonna come easy to WZFF players, but I also like getting 6000rp per gold pack I win, makes it easier to buy even more.)

So I can see the good and the bad sides, what about you?

I have to ask tho, why is it -Yoink!- you off that others get it easy?

Keep in mind that newcomers won’t get flooded with The legendaries and ultra rares, neither will the average Halo 5 player who’s still buying silvers.

Quite honestly, you can give yourself the pride of saying you got it by working your way up to it.

Anyways liking it? Hell yea i do! My arsenal is stocked once again with awesome reqs and boy am i pleased.

Once you’re done with the freebies from the commendations, all you’re gonna have is Dailies and the new Log-In packs. This abundance of packs is only temporary.

I’m digging this gold/silver frenzy. I got a few legendaries from the golds and I am almost finished with silvers. Firefight really has sped the process up a bit even if it’s temporary. Can’t wait to keep getting Legendaries all the time.

I’m loving the constant flow of packs atm, feels good man, feels good.

Great fo me, i’ve got a long way to go in my gold grind.

I love it! Although it won’t last forever I am happy with what I am getting at the moment!