Who is better?

If you want, comment who is better down below! :wink:

Arby for the win!

Locke is the reason why I partly despise Halo 5’s campaign. I wanted to play as Chief and Blue team for atleast half of the game. Locke isnt even the coolest character on Osiris. Buck is.

And Palmer?

Eggheads. 'Nuff said

We can still destroy the enemy core!

Hmmm either the guy that killed literal millions of humans, wiped out multiple planets, killed basically all the spartan IIs, turned the war and accelerated the humans winning the war, and then united his planet and fought a civil war, or the guy who basically went genocidal on all aliens in his path, killed the gravemind, the didact, and beat warden eternal multiple times over… this is a tough call

Arbiter Thel Vadam for the win.Not only did he kill millions of humans but also helped them win the war and he won too basically.Also we always used him as a meat shield.

heh heh stupid locke

Better at what?

> 2567453894718125;8:
> Better at what?

Being badass

Nubs who vote John are nubs :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the Arbiter, but Master Chief is the best in my book. I mean do you remember him flying a bomb through space to destroy a Covie Warship. Awesome!

I don’t know about you guys but Palmer’s the only one who had a love poem written for them by a Sangheli.

who even likes palmer