Who is Actually Enjoying the Multiplayer?

Please, raise your hand, because I am having an absolute blast 🙋

There is just so much negativity surrounding the Halo: Infinite forum and it genuinely saddens me to see that people are giving up on the game this early.

I have been playing with a friend for the last couple of days, and while there are some things I would certainly change such as the motion tracker range, adding just a bit of aim assist (though I can get used to not having it), and quickening the fire rate of the Brute Chopper, we have found that every match we have been in has been an enjoyable experience, even when we are losing!

So, please, if you’re going to leave, consider picking it up again in the future when December 8th comes around.


You’re not alone, being a fan for so long and seeing how much work and time they put into this really makes me believe it’s in the right direction and I’m all for it. Of course, yea it is a bit of a grind with the BP, but I’m pretty sure I saw that they were implementing match XP and the like on the 8th, but I’m pretty much having a hell of a blast playing the game the way it is!

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I haven’t been well, so haven’t played the Beta yet, but certainly had lots of fun in the previous Tech Preview. Hopefully I’ll be able to play again soon. On a high note, Halo Infinite hit third most players on Steam today, now only behind CSGO and Dota-2! Amazing what going F2P is doing for Halo’s popularity huh? :slight_smile:

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I’m having a blast so far on both controller and keyboard and mouse. People are complaining about aim assist, but I think it’s fine so far. I’m averaging very similar scores on all game modes for both control methods.

gameplay is fun and enjoyable, but there is no progression of any kind, they need to make playing worth while, not just for fun like old halo

Honestly I have challenges right now that are too much of a pain to bother going for, so I’ve been ignoring them. And since ignoring them I’ve been having more fun. Not that I wasn’t having fun to begin with, but now that I’m playing like normal rather than trying to find a repulsor and figure out how to splat spartans with it, I’m able to better enjoy it.

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I’m having a blast with it too ! Ranked is so much fun and have really enjoyed it a lot. Win or lose I’m having fun.

The gameplay and shooting is a blast, but I’m not really enjoying multiplayer all that much for pretty much two reasons.

The battle pass progression is slow and basing it solely on daily/weekly challenges shouldn’t be the only way to progress. Especially when you have no control over the playlists, etc…

The second one is the quick play playlist. So far, every game I’ve gone into it’s been a variant of CTF. I’m sorry but it’s boring and I don’t want to play CTF over and over and over again. There are really only two things I come to Halo multiplayer for and that’s slayer and team slayer and I’ve yet to get either of those in quick play…


The only time I’m enjoying the multiplayer is when its controller v controller bc its an even playing field. When it comes to Controller v KBM its unfair and I avoid the socials and btb. Its not fun and kills my enjoyment for infinite. There needs to be a crossplay option for every mode.

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Yeah same here mate, it’s great.

Most of the negativity seems to come from Call of Duty kiddies who’ve wandered onto the wrong forum.

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COD sucks, haven’t played it in awhile bc it hasn’t been great its just the same stuff but like reskinned if u know what I mean.

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I actually love the gameplay. It’s fun and I have a good time. Some minor gripes here and there but all are very likely to be fixed or come over time.

It’s everything around the multiplayer that kills it.
Progression. Customization. $20 for a color and armor suit.

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Same absolute blast here! Even with the stuff that needs to change, it’s still fun and gonna get even better.

Having so much fun with it so far. Haven’t enjoyed a Halo game as much since H3!

Day 1: I just sat down and played a bunch of matches and had a blast.
Day 1 after playing: checked the forums and saw all the criticism on the progression.

Day 2: Looked into my challenges and found myself doing stupid things to work towards their completion. Got frustrated a lot and stopped playing earlier than day 1.

Day 3: Screw challenges and the battle pass. This game is a lot of fun and I’m not going to let challenges control what I want to do. Back to having fun.

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The only time I’m enjoying the multiplayer is when its controller v controller bc its an even playing field. When it comes to Controller v KBM its unfair and I avoid the socials and btb. Its not fun and kills my enjoyment for infinite. There needs to be a crossplay option for every mode.

Out of interest how do you know if you are playing against someone using KBM and that’s the reason they are scoring better?

I ask as I play on PC but use a controller (feels weird for me to use a KBM for Halo), I’m probably an average player at best but I’ve never felt the controller has handicapped me, most of the time I die it’s:

  • Grenade spam
  • Ending up in fights against multiple opponents at once
  • Getting in fights I shouldn’t (such as the above but also me solo vs a Warthog)
  • Lack of support (when I’m carrying the flag, fusion core or skull)

I’m not disagreeing with you that it might be a problem, it’s just I don’t think I’ve encountered it and I don’t know how you can tell for sure what input method another player is using.

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Feedback is not negativity, people have very valid complaints that could improve the game if acted on 343, posts like this offer nothing helpful to the discussion.

Certainly not giving up on the game, but this one generally boycotts games that incorporate predatory monetization. It’s a darned shame, because the multiplayer is quite solid like the OG Halo games were. There’s very clearly an excellent game here, marred by nasty monetization that has become too normalized in the industry. A game this one might have otherwise paid for will be getting zero dollars because of the monetization. Normally like to put money down on good quality things that are enjoyable - like the multiplayer (it really is solid!) - but not when corporations try to take us for a ride.

Nobody is saying the feedback isn’t valid. 99% of the feedback is negative though. So yeah, there is a sense of negativity. OP is looking for some positive feedback to help balance things out a bit. I can support that.

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I’m enjoying the multiplayer for the gameplay for sure. But at the end of the day, that’s not enough to keep me hooked.