Who here actually believes forge will save halo infinite

its releasing with a sorry excuses of h3 forge maps that werent dev kit made

but that isnt even the main or real issue here. main issues being the game feels more broken every time I play it with bugs desync issues and such

the game blew up (trashed itself) with out them even trying to redeem themselves when it comes to growing the community. I doubt many newer players who gave infinite a try will ever come back at this point. Especially given all they are doing is trying to use forge as a save all, then kick all other issues under the rug. as if they arent present, arent, consistent and dont exist still

halo infinite is a sorry excuse of a game especially given the budget. Even limited betas from other games with a fraction sample of whats to come on release are far better games then the current state of infinite.

I feel like halo infinite despite the few hopefuls will stay on the trash list for most. It especially doesnt help that it wont be coming out with no custom game browser.

343i doesnt even try redeeming themselves they are sticking to their slow basic path and people eat what they dish out like theyve been starved out and will take anything

Forge won’t save the game, but it will be cool to see.

It’s a just like adding a cool body kit and wrap to a crapbox of a car.


I believe forge will add a great addition to the game. Seeing where HCS goes with competitive maps being created, implemented and then on showcase will add more variety to ranked as well as other types of game modes and playlists.