Who has obtained a Unfriggenbeliveable yet?

I did. I obtained mine with a Perfection on the Vallahalla remake. Though, I was being a little campy, I was still glad to see that it was in the game still. Has anyone else obtained a Unfriggenbelieveable yet?

I was on my way…was 29-0 then got sniped with 2 mins left.It was Crazy as soon as my snipe ran out of ammo another would drop from the sky.It was awesome how lucky i was getting.Ended up 30-1

I went 48-0 on Exile with the gausshog lol. Cheap but effective

Went 39-1 on Exile

Highest medal tho was Untouchable

Got an Extermination on Swat tho so Im good

57-4 on Exile… Inconcievable was the game-ending kill…

My friend Jakeylakes got one on Ragnarok using a Mantis. As for me, the highest I ever got was an Untouchable. That was in a Mantis too. LOL

I got one, it says so on my guys stats but i dont remember achieving it.

I got a 35 kill spree in the mantis. Is unfriggenbelievable at 40.

Yesterday I was in Exile tearing -Yoink- up with the Tank, I was on an Invincible and some dip -Yoink- teammate shot the laser at me, blowing up the tank, and leaving me to get -Yoink- on by the enemy team.

If I hadn’t gotten betrayed, it would’ve been an easy 40 kill streak, the enemy team apparantly had never seen a scorpion before.

The medal is pretty common on my friends list, even I have it. Not a big deal.


my best was a rampage got it on the overkill it was a 21-1

You get it through Spartan Ops too haha

I got one on Abandon.