Who got the oldest gamertag?

Who got the oldest gamertag?
Mines 17 should be 18 soon but i know theres got to be older. Lets find out.

I’ve had mine since a few months after xbox live was created, so i guess mines almost 22 years old. Now i feel old


Mine says 18.


Feeling really creaky right now…

Nice! I had an old gamer tag that I had gotten when I first got Xbox when it was brand new. “FraGPunK” is what it was. I had a name change a couple years ago. So if I had not of changed my name it would be at least 7 years strong. I got my Xbox back when I was ten. Back when it was much newer along with the mcc.

Dang I have had mine for 12.5 years and I feel old. I was Grenadier 53 back in my Halo 3 days. Truly the golden era of online console gaming was 2007-11 and I’m grateful i was around to experience it. From H3, MW2, Bad Co 2 i spent countless hours on each.

Before then i begged my parents for Xbox live but seeing as i was 5 when the first Xbox released they didn’t want me online with randos. I would watch the MechAssault 2 online overview cutscene over and over just imagining how awesome Xbox live was.
Before i had xbox live my best friend and i would just call each other on our home phones and each play Oblivion telling each other where cool quests/items were. Then I finally got it 13 years ago this upcoming Christmas along with the group of my friends who also got it and we all hopped on Halo 3 and the rest is history. They are still my gaming group to this day and while we don’t have the same amount of free time we still try to game at least one night a week.

Same gamer tag since 2004.

I think it was E who had the oldest tag at one point.

Wow, nice!

Sitting on a 17 on my account.