Who for floodfight 4 sets heroic?

Hi! I need people for the floodfight challange

Here is my xbox live account: ALE LO SPARTANO

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Did the entire four sets - challenge didnt count. Submitted a ticket, they said they dont have a fix.

For now dont waste your time. Took me an hour and a half for nothing.


I can’t wait a fix, my xbox live subscription will expire in about 6 hours

Thank you for this info, is it for all players?

Hello The FFA Panda,

Thank you for your ticket. We appreciate you reaching out to us about your issue with the Gravetender Challenge.

We do not have any workaround we can share as of the moment, but please know that all the information you shared on this ticket has been forwarded to the development team.

The developers will use this information to investigate the issue and we’ll let you know if we discover a workaround or a fix. If you discover a workaround yourself, please let us know so that we can share them with other players experiencing the same issue.

For now, please feel free to submit a new ticket if you encounter any in-game issues at https://aka.ms/halosupport.

Just to be sure, you did not change any of the floodfight settings, and waited until the 5th set fully started?

Correct. Submitted that in the ticket.

Wanna try? Need only 1 player

I am about to hop in as well. Hopefully I won’t lag since I am playing remote from PC now.

Hey! Wanna try with me? I have 2 more controllers, i set rockets, infinite ammo and health

Sure. I will try my best.

Please add me on yout friends list

Wanna play with me, AcidicSoda and 1 more controller (i have it for split screen) ?