Who else would like more"Real men of Halo"?

I think it would the most magical thing that ever existed.

Anyone else agree?

Oh yes! I laughed so hard. It was awesome. :slight_smile:


All I hear when Captain Keyes talks now are those commercials.

I want some Real Woman of Halo. :smiley:

> I want some Real Woman of Halo. :smiley:

Jen Taylor should do the singing parts of that one.

Ha! Yeah loved it, would be pretty awesome.

Mr Cowardly Sniper Camper
Mr Assault Rifle Rusher

“Today we salute you, Mr. Hog all the Power Weapons Guy.”

I’d love to see a few more done. It was so funny. I’ve been looking up the actual ads, and they too, are very funny.

a tiny bump before I log off, hope we get more replies :wink:

It was the highlight of Halo Fest!