Who else wants to see

The goofy game types ( ie, infection, hograce, grifball etc etc) go back to a weekly/monthly special rather than always available. I’ll admit their fun in moderation, but I honestly can’t stand getting roped into them time and again when I wanna just play a normal game type. I know I know, “just quit” or “just don’t go in that playlist” just throwin it out to see what other folks think.

I think infection needs to be always available, really good game for having guests over.

I wouldn’t mind it on weekends and such, or have it be implimented to not track stats or reward xp/cR/spartan points

I would like to see maybe a few in a recreational playlist and then more as Halo 4 lifespan increases.

I want infection as a permanent playlist but the rest could be for double xp weekends.

Love to see a more lighthearted action sack dodgeball and the such team hotshot is fun but it does not really seem like a goofy gametype

I’m kind of torn; I like the permanent playlists, but I liked those double XP weekends. I would get so excited when Living Dead came around. I’m undecided on this matter.

Infection should be a standard gametype as it’s one of the most popular areas in reach. Every Sunday (the 7th day of the week) a new goofy gametype should be playable. Action sack gametypes, more goofy infection gametypes, grifball or even just a triple xp Sunday should all be on the list

Just throw them all into one playlist.

“Just don’t go into that playlist.”

Your lack of self control is a very selfish reason to want to limit the availability of very entertaining playlists for everyone else. I love Living Dead and Grifball and would like to play them whenever I feel like it.