Who else still has Iron commendations?

I happened to notice today, that I still had 3 iron commendations in Reach…and i’m a Nova. lol

Yeah, I still have two.

It seems nearly impossible to actually get credit for destroying a vehicle in Firefight, and I don’t get to play co-op campaign often enough to get assists.

i got lots of iron

My “trigger man” is still proudly iron.

Less than 500 automatic weapon kills out of more than 60,000.

I still have two that haven’t been awarded, and I’m a Forerunner! Stupid Grounded and Support Role…

Grounded is easy. I have it maxed.

Yea. I’m stuck on a couple of irons in Firefight. I don’t remember if i got any in Matchmaking.

Support Role in Campaign is still Iron, 77/100, probably will never get that past 100.

I’m a forerunner and I’m sure I have a few.

Been Iron free since April or something like that.