Who Doesnt Need Achilles Recruiting, 85% to Armor!

If you need a company that is willing to grind out the Achilles, come request at who doesnt need achilles! We have only been active for seven months, but have already gotten more than 75% of the way to the Achilles armor, and over 55% to the Achilles helmet!

Even though we are currently full, we are cleaning out inactives right now, so send in a request, and we’ll make sure to get you in! Our only requirement is that you are able to play one hou****r of Halo 5 per week [excluding custom games]! No Spartan Rank requirements, no CSR requirements, just sixty minutes a week of Halo 5. If you want a grinding company, join Who Doesnt Need Achilles!

We are also allied with fellow Spartan Company giant The Noobs of Achilles, who have eclipsed the 40% mark on the Achilles armor despite having only been active for two months.

Who Doesnt Need Achilles is now full, but feel free to send requests to our expansion companies, WDNA 2nd Company and WDNA 3rd Company!