Who do I have to bribe for Fiesta or CTF playlist to be properly implemented

Topic header says it all, no need to explain lol

Bribe me I’ll see what I can do

But… Fiesta has a playlist

Nah bro, it’s just slayer. I’m not about that I’d like to see other gamemodes, nothing about it has changed since the fracture event

Fiesta FFA and Fiesta Land Grab would be nice under Fiesta playlist.

Honestly, FFA can stay with the Rumble pit idc

I was thinking the same thing except to eliminate Skewer/Mangler from Team Snipers.

There is Fiesta FFA in Rumble Pit.

I know, but I don’t like a lot of the rumble modes. Another reason to have custom playlist.

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I love fiesta, but man, infinite weapons sandbox is TERRIBLE for fiesta. Half of the weapons are brutally useless, ( I’m looking at you hydra)
Its the first fiesta I’m glad when I get spawned with an AR.