Who did it better, Roblox, Minecraft, or Halo?

First I know they were trying to get am emotional response (Halo:CE) by showing the ring, but the 343 childish graphics ruins it. I get it that toys sell, but we need more “OH I KNOW WHAT THE LADIES LIKE”, and less of the popping audio and graphics. I personally have mixed feelings about today’s reveal. I was in awe with crafting of the new armor cutscene, but the campaign reveal was underwealming. Going back a couple of times and dissecting things there are things I like like including halo wars vehicles, but the amount of things I didn’t like overshadowed it.

  • Minecraft mountains. - Cute shield regeneration audio and animation - Colorful grunts, jackal shields, elite shields. - Why is everything so shiny(rocks, cement, armor)? Overall it felt like a rated E game. Didn’t want to explore the ring like in Halo:CE.

Bruh I can’t with this, this game is one of the worst things I have ever seen. People are saying it looks like halo CE or halo 3 and I’m like B R U H

The game looks absolutely terrible lol. That brute cut scene was honest to god the most cringe cut scene I have ever seen. Like what was that? why was he breaking the 4th wall? And why were the graphics absolutely horrible

There is already a thread discussing this here.