Who came up with the bright idea to….

Apparently Halo 4’s zombies can only have swords. Who came up with that bright idea?

My friends and I play an awesome gametype we call Rampy Ramp. You basically take a ramp, make it 45 degrees, put warps at the top and bottom, get in vehicles and go. At the bottom are two zombies, with gravity hammers. They basically do their best to take out vehicles going 1000 mph.

It’s a bit difficult to do that with swords. Is there any chance we can edit the weapons zombies have in custom games?

What you could do, is use the player trait zones where your ‘zombie’ characters would be stood, that way you can apply zombie like characteristics to a normal spartan, move speed, overshield etc etc

I would prefer to just change the loadout, but in this game 343 adding something new seems to require them to remove 5 things that made sense in the first place…