who came from battlefield?

i skipped reach because the beta and h3:odst before it were horrible. iv been playing halo 4 solidly since it came out. i think the mp is great and havent played bf for a week. big team battle is an easy switch for me and the dmr rocks. halo 4 campaign sucks but i really only play games for mp anyway tbh.

personally i think halo 4 is fun and pretty addictive. on battelfield there are too many server crashes and random glitches. thoughts?

anyone else come over from bf? i think the average skill level of bf is better as there are larger maps and gun skills to learn (OTT sway anyone?!?). glad to be here playing halo - i will be on this game a while :slight_smile:

Well I’ve always played halo games, but I was playing bf3 before halo 4 came out. Bf3 was the best military shooter I have played and I really enjoyed it fully, it took a different type of strategy to play it; but I did get tired of all the dramatic changes in updates all the time.

But I fully appreciate and enjoy halo 4s multiplayer, and it’s kept me entertained every moment. Now I disagree with ur comment about the campaign, I thought it was great and good story telling. But I’ll continue playing halo 4 and if I get bored I’ll switch back to bf3.

Both games a great but also two different styles of play.

i didnt “come from” battlefield, i played halo long long before BF but i still like BF and might go back to it…

Yeah. I’m a little disappointed H4 didn’t have UNSC aircraft for MP. But I enjoyed the campaign, no idea what you’re talking about there.

Ive actually just started playing battlefield 3 in the last week & Im loving it.
I Got Halo 4 on release day & its enjoyable but I hate having to play the same 3 maps over & over, Im gonna keep playing every now & the but for now Im just gonna smash out Battlefield.
IMO COD is way too over rated & filled with gimmicks

I don’t agree on your campaign comment. I loved it. And I didn’t come from BF3…only from Reach.

BF3 went to complete crap after the second or third update / patch.
Which depressed me greatly seeing how much I enjoyed the game before said updates.

Well I kinda came from BF3. I played CE and H3 but switched over to BF3 because reach was just so bad.

Overall I’m loving the game and have spent 2 days on the multiplayer already. BTB and dominion feel alot like BF3 and the other objective modes are just awesome. So far the matchmaking service has been infinitely better than BF3. I went back one day to easily dominant some noobs and was frustrated again by the server search.