Who bought this weeks store items?

The store is constantly being filled with super cool items week after week and only for $20 or so! Talk about value! All kidding aside, I was wondering, how many of you are forking over the dough for these garbage cosmetics? Personally, I have not bought anything from the store and never will. Even if I like what is being sold there is no way that I will pay their outrageous prices. Besides, it’s almost impossible to tell what other Spartans are wearing during the game because everyone is glowing blindingly bright


If 343 wants me to buy something from the store, they need to include something worthwhile to purchase.

Honestly if they put something in that I’m looking for, I’ll drop $20 on the spot without question.

Players are voicing concern over high prices and FOMO, and I’m just sitting here like “come on, is that the best you got?

The only things I have bought from the store are the pineapple painted grenades, the Premium Battlepass, and the Challenge Swaps/XP boosts (with what remained of cR I had).

I’m just quite content with wearing Recon. Now, if the Recon shoulders appear in the Store (either Halo: Reach’s or Halo 3’s), then I would buy them, even though they really should have been included with the Premium Battlepass.

$20 is just simply too much. I did not buy anything. I haven’t purchased anything with real money yet, just Bing rewards points.

$10, if it’s worth it - maybe. But I’ll not pay over that.

As much as I find Mister Chief amusing as an AI partner, I didn’t really find it worth purchasing if only because of how expensive it is. The Anubis set (I was gone for that week regretably) and the Iron Man armor was easily one of the better bundles

Lol, this weeks items are not very good. I am waiting to buy a cool armour set but not seen anything worthy of my funds yet.

I don’t mind buying some items but I need to feel they are value for money.

cat ears were cool also the itron man coating

The Iron Man coating, the cat ears, some of the Yoroi armor colors, some of the stances, some of the weapon models…were STILL NOT WORTH ME DROPPING A SINGLE DIME ON! :wink:

Because of there not being a way to earn premium currency in game like you could in Gears 5 or Halo 5, the store content is going to need to be something mind blowing and cheap for me to even consider purchase.

Even with microsoft rewards I am not giving any sort of purchase to microtransactions. I am the minority and the stand I take will mean nothing in the long run, at least I can say I tried to make a difference.

Yeah, I feel this. “Iron Man” coating, cat ears, some of the coatings are pretty cool - but holy hell, $15-$20? That’s a meal out + a beer + tip.

Even with MS rewards, it’s what - 10,000 pointsish for $10 Xbox GC? Nothing that’s good in the store costs less than $10, and at 100 points a day, that’s 100 days of MS rewards just for some basic stuff - 200 for a $20 set. Which means in mid-July, I can redeem them for something.

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This guy gets it…

Know what really grinds my gears…the fact that they made coloring your Spartan locked behind a paywall, that they thought they could get away with it…and essentially the player base spent money on COLORS and proved to the developers that they can in fact get away with making your Spartan custom colors locked behind a paywall.

We really showed them how much we hate microtransactions.

You think they’re garbage cause you can’t afford them or whatever. The store is actually pretty good. The pricing and bundling could be better but the store itself has great items.

nah. There’s often bits and pieces I want but they’re bundled with 7 things I don’t at a price I can’t possibly justify, so they get nothing.

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