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Marine, even though they suck

Spartan III Gamma, Joshua G217


Head Canon Fictional Spartan
SPARTAN IV: Andrew (Thomas) Moa
Spartan Fireteam: FIRETEAM PEGASUS
Role: Leader, Sniper
Place of Birth: Talitsa
Birthdate: 1st January 2528
Age: 30
Armour: Slightly customised Gen 2 Warrior Helmet and Argonaut body armour
Armour that can be requisitioned: Athlon, Recruit, Warrior, Noble, Pioneer, Solider, Tracker, Scanner, Recluse, Recon, Deadeye, Wetwork, Orbital, Anubis, Argonaut
Primary Colour: Blue
Secondary Colour Gold
Visor: Flood

Moa was born to an insurrection family on the colony world of Talitsa where he soon grew a distrust towards the UNSC due to his upbringing, this distrust would stay with him until he noticed the valiant efforts by the UNSC to protect human colony’s from the covenant whilst the majority or insurrection factions either hindered the UNSC forces trying to protect worlds or didn’t help them at all.

This led to Moa abandoning his insurrection family and life on Talitsa to enlist with the UNSC after his eighteenth birthday in 2546. Eventually Moa was stationed on Fumirole as a Falcon Gunner when it came under attack in 2552, he survived the battle and was later sent to Criterion. Moa was then sent to Tribute to help with the evacuation of civilians off the planet, Moa was evacuated off of Tribute and eventually arrived at Earth where he aided UNSC in repelling the Covenant invasion.

After the war Moa was transferred to Draetheus V and remained on the colony until it came under attack, Moa mainly assisted in base defence and civilian evacuation during the course of the battle. After witnessing the acts of Spartans on Fumirole, Tribute and Draetheus V Moa was inspired to join the Spartan IV programme, hoping to also help make a difference for Humanity in the post war era.

Moa initially acted as a recon and sniper for UNSC marine forces and was even assigned to Spartan Pioneer groups when the opportunity arose. in 2557 Moa was assigned to the UNSC INFINITY and was placed in FIRETEAM PEGASUS. Moa and the other members of PEGASUS were on the INFINITY when it was dragged into Requiems gravity well, FIRETEAM PEGASUS initially assisted in defending the ship from invaders and later participated in fighting both Covenant and Promethean forces
around the gravity well.

Six months later FIRETEAM PEGASUS returned to Requiem and mainly acted as escort for INFINITY Science teams across many sites across Requiem. Later on in the campaign Pegasus helped the other Spartans on INFINITY fend off a ship wide Covenant and Promethean attack by securing vital aircraft Hangar bays across the ship.

After Requiem FIRETEAM PEGASUS assisted numerous Spartan FIRETEAMS in both the battle of Oban and served as well during the Battle of Aktis IV. Moa along with the rest of FIRETEAM PEGASUS are currently stationed on the INFINITY training in war games simulations until they are needed to help fight the Guardians.

Human Covenant war Missions
Battle of Fumirole
Battle of Criterion
Battle of Tribute
Battle of Earth

Post war Missions
Battle of Draetheus V
Battle of Requiem
Second Battle of Requiem
Battle of Oban
Battle of Aktis IV

Arbiter End 'Darrk
Look: (link coming soon sorry)

Spartan B204
Name: Damon Bolton
Unit: Spartan Headhunter
Team: Fireteam Ethos
Role: Leader, Assault
Station: UNSC Infinity
Birth: August 8, 2531 Onyx
Age: 27
Armor: Mjolnir Mark V(B) Custom
Mjolnir Gen 2 Recruit Marked
Colors: Steel, Blue
Visor: Recruit
Profile: A orphan boy who chose to become a Spartan III. He became a Spartan IV in 2554.
Human/Covenant War:
Operation: Counter Fault
Operation: Turnout
The Fall of Reach
The Battle of Earth
Operation: Spartan Strike
The Battle of Daratheus V
The Battle of Requiem
Second Battle of Requiem
Operation: Spartan Strike Continuation

I started this character back in Reach, so the canon is a bit iffy with them(I didn’t know as much then), but I tried to retcon it as best as possible… some I kept because I liked it a bit more than the more canon friendy version. I.e. 574 instead of 274.
Riley-A182, Spartan III, Alpha Company. Leader of Fireteam Indigo, working alongside Spartan IIIs Naomi-A574, Carlos-A314, and Spartan-IVs Steven-Sc6.19, and Sia-Sc6.18