Who are the Guardians?

One big question that we all have, is who are the guardians? Aside from those guys that cook you should you try to escape sandtrap (never liked them :wink: ). Could they be the MC coupled with Locke and Arby? Maybe they are some Forerunner group that run around preventing Halos from firing? Maybe, they are a new race that supercedes even the forunners (eat that High Charity, now that’s TWO reasons why what you believed is complete bs.)
Thoughts guys?

I’m guessing it’s a lineage of soldiers who have been responsible for upholding the Mantle and maybe Master Chief is next in line.

You might find the answer here: http://youtu.be/A3KLtf8DzCU?t=1m28s

The ones that magically killed you in H1.

I know of one race that supercedes the Forerunnes, they’re called the Precursors, and they’re lore is very obscure other than the fact that they are known to have been involved with the flood. Most of their information can be found the in the book Cryptum.