Who all plays halo wars still?

Well, i am currently looking to add new/more people that play halo wars still

If you do play still, and also want more people to game with

ign: Alcohalic Gamer
ign: JTR225


This guy. Just got back into it.

Add me gt: yomad001 love playing halo wars

I was on earlier, forgot to add any of you guys. Will try to later on today.

Right here.

I play 2hours every day till HW2

Add Spartan 0000424 w/ Halo Wars attached in message.

Me. Add AKAMattogreen25 I play all day pretty much. Except for school.

Still looking for more people! Dont forget to add Alcohalic Gamer and JTR225 :wink:

i do time to time